I know I shouldn’t have done but I had to laugh.

I had popped out to the local shopping center to pick up some medicine and softish type foods, as the wife isn’t feeling rather great at the moment and has a rather sore throat.

After grabbing a few things in the local Tesco’s I was packing them into the car when I noticed the Tesco Home Delivery van heading towards the roundabout. Now the thing that made me double look was the fact that the side panels were open. My first thought was that being a hot day, I would have expected the driver to close them down. But when I noticed the speed at which he was approaching the roundabout I knew what was going to happen. And it did. About 20 or so of the boxes came sliding out of the van spilling the contents all over the road. Bottles smashed, cartons split open, apples were rolling down the road. Big whoops.

Now even though this had the result that it completely blocked the entrance to the car parks and a large queue of people waiting to leave soon backed up behind the now parked van, not one person got out of their car to help him. Since there was no prospect of me leaving the car park in the next few moments, rather than join the queue of people waiting to get out, I walked the 200 odd yards to go help the poor guy. He was a tadge embarrassed to say the least but hey, these things happen. I hope they don’t dock it from his wages… Now, ok, I did laugh at it just a little bit, but its not what I really laughed about.

Despite the fact that it had so far taken the two of us about 10 minutes to collect and move the shopping and various baskets, (it really was a right mess), the driver at the front of the queue still thought it necessary to ‘honk’ his horn and tell us to hurry up. I just looked at the middle aged guy (dang… just realized that I am a middle aged guy now), and gave him the evil stare. It took us another 5 minutes to get the road clear and the guy jumped back in his van and turned around to head back to the store. The rather obnoxious guy sped off giving me the bird as he went past looking rather smug with himself. Before I could react to that, there was an almighty pop as his front tire exploded. It appears we missed a bit of glass on the road and a smashed bottle top had embedded itself into his tire. Now this is what I really was laughing about. Because it was at a roundabout on the entrance to the next roundabout, he was already stopped. He must have heard the bang himself, that and the fact his car was no leaning over to the right, he got out to see what happened. I just walked up to him, and said "Thanks for the help chum, looks like we missed a bit, thanks for picking it up", turned around, gave him the bird and laughed myself silly all the way back to my car.

By the time I had left the car park and reached the spot where the accident was, he was parked at the side of the road struggling to take his wheel off. I just couldn’t help driving fairly close to the bugger and honking a rather long and loud blast on my horn. I swear he must have leapt about 20 foot in the air and if I’m not mistaken, a damp patch formed upon his trouser’s… I left the guy looking back at me driving off with my arm raised out the window in yet another salute. He was blushing a deep shade of red as I drove off, almost unable to steer with laughing so hard.