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Top Gear Goes US

8pm Sunday 11/02/07

Richard Hammond

This week we’re under-sexed, under-paid and over there as Top Gear heads Stateside for an all-American special.

Watch with shock and awe as Jeremy, Richard and James buy their own yank-tanks, before heading off on a massive interstate road-trip.

Along the way they’ll take in the vibrant, though slightly scary, nightlife of downtown Miami and alligator-strewn swamps of Louisiana, before eventually arriving in New Orleans.

It’s a roller-coaster ride of Americana in which we meet the Stig’s long-lost US cousin, learn to cook road-kill, and get run out of Alabama by an angry lynch-mob.

From: http://www.bbc.co.uk/topgear/show/nextepisode.shtm…

The new series of Top Gear goes over to the US this week.
Should be an interesting show. 
They’ll be doing an interstate trip, something I wished I had done whilst I was living in the US, but I drove for 7 hours and I still didn’t get out of Texas.

Knowing Clarkson I wonder if he’ll manage to upset everyone he meets.  Hammy should fit right in with his pearly white teeth, and James will probably be adopted by some local bible bashing Church.

Headway losing its Head Way over Nothing…

It seems the ‘do gooder’ brigade have lost their sense of humour.
Jeremy Clarksons comments were made in jest and not directed at anyone else other than Hammy.
For someone to take offense at the remarks obviously shows they have a very sad outlook on life.
It’s another own goal for the PC brigade who seem to think that we can’t say nothing that stands a chance of remotely effecting someone, some people or some things.
If Clarkson had directed those comments at someone or some group outside of the studio then their might have been an argument.
I didn’t see anyone jumping to the defence of Jade Goody in the past few days (after the comments that were made about her). But then mind you did anyone disagree with those comments.

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Richard Hammond hurt in crash


Just seen a report on Richard Hammond, the TV Presenter most famous at present for his work on Top Gear is critically ill in hospital.

Apparently he was injured whilst driving a jet powered car in a piece for Top Gear.

Although he was unconscious on arrival at the neurological unit, he was said to have regained consciousness, but his condition was listed as critical.

I do hope he pulls through, since he is one of my favourite TV presenters, but even more so since he has a young family and it must be difficult times for them.

He has always appeared to be one of the unpretentious ‘top blokes’ on TV. My thoughts are with him and his family and friends.

UPDATE: 21st Sept 2006

Hospital has annoucned that Richards condition has stabilised, which hopefully is good news. He is still badly injured but it doesn’t appear to be life threatening now.

Now all we have to do is hope that those pearly white teeth he spent so much money on survived intact or Clarkson won’t let him live it down.

Get well soon Hamster…. We need you back… 2/3 Full is not a full tank.

Some guy (Alex Goss) started a donation page for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to raise funds to cover the cost of the £340 required to pay for the Hammy’s trip to hospital. In just a few hours, it had paid for over 15 more such trips and is still going strong. That is a measure of the popularity of Hamster and the high regard his fans had of him. If we could cure people with well being and will power, he’d be back on the track tomorrow.

Well done Alex (Goss), great idea.

To donate, follow this link: www.justgiving.com/PHRichardHammond

UPDATE: 22 SEPT 2006 10.22 AM

The hospital has just anounced that he is no longer in Intensive Care and has been moved to the High Dependancy Unit.

Doctors have also said he is making satisfactory progress, which is great news.

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