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Help Connor’s family

  Connor tragically lost his life at the weekend of the 10th April in a car accident. He was just 26, married with two very small children. His friends have started this fund to help his young family out. Connor attended school...

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Bramley (Nature Reserve)

We are about 30-40mins west of Wimbledon, so when it rains here, with the direction of the wind and clouds, you can bet that the covers will be going on pretty soon. One such time, it began raining really heavy outside, so I...

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Omaha Beach

It was my first time to Omaha beach and to say it was a very humbling experience is an understatement. We had arrived towards the end of the years D-Day Remembrance ‘celebrations’ so there were quite a few visitors...

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Parles Vous Francais

Seeing as my son starts secondary school in 5 weeks time and one of his subjects will be French, I’ve been looking at various software. One of the better ones appears to be: Linkword French...

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