Whilst perusing syndic8.com the other day, I hit the next available feed for verification and this one popped up. I was quite surprised to see it was Jamie Olivers personal weblog.
The content whilst sparse at the moment does seem to actually be from him too, which makes a change from some celebrity sites.
I’ve followed Jamie Oliver from his first days on TV, through Naked Chef and now on his quest to try and improve the standard of school food. I do thing he has bitten off more than he can chew (no pun intended), but I believe he will stick it out to the end.
I used to love my school dinners, even though it was 25 years ago (ouch!!), I can still remember my favourites. I also remember the shepherds pie with the rubbery mince, which was probably more bone and fat than real meat, but at least it was real fat, and real bone, (though I would hate to think what part of the body the meat came from). I remember having to boil mince for hours to get it soft enough to eat the damn stuff, and having to stand at the stove taking the ‘scum’ off the top of the pan.
And bring back Gypsy Tart !!!