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Lewis Hamilton leading the F1 World Standings

Well ok, he is actually in a three-way tie with Alonso and Raikkonen, but still it’s news that has surprised the public, but not those in the F1 community.  Many knew he had the skill, but didn’t expect McLaren to have the car to go with it.

Lewis Hamilton | Bahrain F1 | Grand PrixBut he also made history today in Bahrain when he became the most successful new (rookie) driver in F1 history.

No doubt the bubble has to burst soon, but still, he shows a lot of promise for the future and deserves all the praise that will be afforded to him when he and the rest of his team arrive back after 7 weeks ‘on the road’.


A British driver leasing the World standings? Surely not…

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F.A. Cup – 4th Round Draw – Pompey – Liverpool again

I am sure Pompey seem to be playing Liverpool in Cup matches an awful lot in the last few years.

And after Liverpools performance against Luton, I don’t hold out much hope either. Liverpool seem to have a good team spirit these days.

And on the subject of Luton – Liverpool, that has to be one of the greatest matches of the F.A. Cup in recent years. Luton played with great skill throughout the match and were it not for sublime goal from Alonso and a great performance from the sub (name???), they would have been outclassed and well and truly beaten. But they never gave up hope. You can ignore the last goal, apart from the guy who won £25,000 by placing a bet of £200 that Alonso would score from his own half this season.

Oh well, we struggled to beat Ipswitch reallly, and against Liverpool ? I don’t think we’ll be progressing much further in the cup this season. That will give us a good excuse to concentrate on Premiership survival at least.