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Madonna And Malawi

Posted: 17 October 2006
My husband and I began the adoption process many months prior to our trip to
Malawi. I did not wish to disclose my intentions to the world prior to the adoption
happening as this is a private family matter. After learning that there were
over one million orphans in Malawi, it was my wish to open up our home and help
one child escape an extreme life of hardship, poverty and in many cases death,
as well as expand out family.

With all the media hype around the Madonna option issue, I can't help thinking
it is just the press searching for a story that isn't really there.
You'd have to ask yourself what would you do in that situation. I think that Madonna
would probably have adopted the whole orphanage if it wasn't such an outrageous
idea.  She already sponsors 6 of the orphanages and provides valuable funding
for them.

The father of the boy involved has already expressed his backing for the child
and the adoption process, but it still can't make it any easier for him.  No
matter who you are, what country you are in, what the state of that country be,
giving up one of your children is hard thing to do anywhere in the world.
I see it as one child who had little hope of surviving being given a chance of life. 
Admittedly that life will be one in the spot light and he will be exposed to things
that could never have happened has he stayed where he was. But in reality, the child
would have been lucky to have seen his next birthday. 

I don't believe for one minute that Madonna has nothing but the best intentions. 
I for one know that if I ever had the chance to go see such a place, I would probably
want to adopt all of the kids as well.  Madonna is lucky enough to be in the
position to do such a thing. 


Madonna: I’m Going to Tell You a Secret

I happened to see that there was a programme about Madonna on Channel 4 and flicked over just in time to catch the start of it. I didn’t know it was a full blown documentary on Madonna, I thought it was going to be a short programme.

I’ve been a Madonna fan since her very first hit in the UK back in the ‘huh hmms’ when I was DJ’ing at a local youth club. I only have to hear Holiday and it takes me back to my ‘yoof’.

I don’t usually watch programmes of this sort, but was soon hooked. I think Madonna is one of the most astute business women in the Musical industry and she always knows to press the right buttons. She’s not affraid to speak her mind, or admit her wrongs.

I was totally blown away by some of the dancing in the documentary. After watching it, I compared it to the recent (ish) Moulin Rouge but with all the songs from Madonna. The editing of the documentary was great and I will certainly think about getting the DVD in the near future.

There is more information on the IMDb site

The documentary follows a complete tour from start to finish and includes footage of her family, the dancers and band members. The music is Madonna at her best. And before you say I am tone deaf, look at the crouds, look at their reactions. It was one heck of a stage production. The choreography was amazing as was the stanard of the various dancers.

You don’t just get to hear an artist singing on that tour, you got hit with a stunning audio and visual stage production. I would loved to have gone to see one of the concerts, and I won’t make the mistake of not going the next time.