Saw this posted on a website and it made me laugh.

They probably wouldn’t be saying that if they lived over here and had to put up with the cak that we have to.

But then, there is some truth to what they say. Although I know what my dad is going to say when he reads the bit about Blair (being the huge fan that you are dad 😉 not…)

Great Britain shows this ex-colony how it should be done:

Regarding the Russian submarine snarled in underwater cables a couple of weeks ago…….By the time we cleared all the bureaucratic “B.S.” and got started, Great Britain had arrived, completed the rescue of the seven men trapped in the submarine, and were cleaning up.

England’s Prime Minister Blair made a national speech yesterday in which he more or less said he didn’t give a damn what color you were, what religion you practiced, or how long you’d been in England …. anyone stirring trouble was OUT …. DEPORTED …. GONE! We’re having a hell of a time keeping men, women and children from crossing the borders illegally, we support them when they get here, and put people in jail for reporting them.

Within days of the terrorist attacks in England, Scotland Yard had accounted for every man involved. We’re still looking for 9/11 terrorists, can’t find Bin Laden, and are now trying to get “permission” to search people who might have bombs. While the rest of the world is dealing with major problems, we’ve got the whole damn Congress fighting over appointment of one Judge and whether or not the Atlanta Braves can keep their mascot.

We’ve become so politically correct we look like idiots to the rest of the world.

God Save the Queen.