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UK Rainfall Radar

What with all the recent rain and floods of late, I’ve just only found a great site for checking out the latest UK Weather Radar.

There is one at the UK Met Office but the advantage of the new one I found at Meteox is that they provide an RSS Feed (see below).

They also allow you to define your UK location using a neat Google Map API interface to give a picture of your actual location.

With the weather coming up this weekend, it might be a good idea to use something like this to keep an eye on the rain.

If you want to use the following JS on your site, just cut and paste the following code into your template where you want the feed to be used:

<script language="JavaScript" src="https://yaps4u.net/feed2js/
script> <noscript>
<a href="https://yaps4u.net/feed2js/feed2js.php?
>View RSS feed</a>

The Day the Country Stood Still (well the southern part)

Waking up to Snow

6.30am, time to get #1 son up for school, except there is 2inches of snow on the ground.A quick check outside and the road is Ok, but not much traffic.
No busses, and the wife is at work and not due home until 8.00am.
So no school for the kids this morning, and as it later turns out, for the rest of the day.

No School for the kids

Not that the councils did a bad job, but laying salt by the bucket load didn’t help much with the volume of snow that fell in the 2-3 hour period. 

It’s now 11.50am and the snow is melting pretty fast.  #2 son and daughter are out withe neighbours sledding on a big hill somewhere local.


Benefits of living in the Country

I do like it when the countryside is covered in snow.  You can ‘see’ the silence.  Everything is peaceful (until you have 3 kids throwing snowballs at you).





All we have to do now is await the big freeze tonight. If we thought that the country stood still this morning, just wait until tomorrow morning when everything is all frozen up.
Slush and frozen ice is not so pretty.