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Did you hear the one about the German, but not the Gay one?

Jeremy ClarksonTV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been criticized by the media watchdog Ofcom for using a term which was “capable of giving offence to homosexual people”.

Ofcom said there was “no justification for using the word in this way”.

Last year, he was cleared of making a racist slur about Germany because this was adjudged to be amusing rather than offensive.

From: Clarkson rapped over ‘gay’ jibe | BBC News

Now Ok, let me get this right…
You can’t make jokes about homosexual people, because that is offensive.
But you can make jokes about the Germans, because that is funny?

Now I know some homosexuals would have found his comment funny.
I also know some Germans who would have found his comments offensive.

So just how did Ofcom determine which was right and which was wrong…
Either you allow some people to be offended or none at all.
You can’t have one rule for one lot, and another rule for the others.

Do you think it has something to do with the fact that the head of OfCom is called “Manfred Von PenisTrappen” ?
Ok, maybe not… but please… let’s have it one way or the other..
Plus, it’s Jeremy Bloody Clarkson for godsake, you can’t take anything he says seriously unless it’s the technical specs of a car he’s describing…

There must be a lot of gay people in the Green party that objected just for the fact it was Mr. Clarkson, and I guess that also means there can’t be many Germans.

PC gone mad…

I don’t care either way.  Personally I don’t take offense at either remark (because funnily enough, I’m not gay and I’m not German).

Homophobia = bad.
Racism = good.

So I can’t say “that car handled a tadge limp-wristed”, but I can say “it had more holes in it that the German Army at Dunkirk and the 1966 German World Cup Squad defense”….

I should start a petition to get all Germans to contact Ofcom and complain.
Bloody ridiculous and a waste of bloody money.

Top Gear Goes US

8pm Sunday 11/02/07

Richard Hammond

This week we’re under-sexed, under-paid and over there as Top Gear heads Stateside for an all-American special.

Watch with shock and awe as Jeremy, Richard and James buy their own yank-tanks, before heading off on a massive interstate road-trip.

Along the way they’ll take in the vibrant, though slightly scary, nightlife of downtown Miami and alligator-strewn swamps of Louisiana, before eventually arriving in New Orleans.

It’s a roller-coaster ride of Americana in which we meet the Stig’s long-lost US cousin, learn to cook road-kill, and get run out of Alabama by an angry lynch-mob.

From: http://www.bbc.co.uk/topgear/show/nextepisode.shtm…

The new series of Top Gear goes over to the US this week.
Should be an interesting show. 
They’ll be doing an interstate trip, something I wished I had done whilst I was living in the US, but I drove for 7 hours and I still didn’t get out of Texas.

Knowing Clarkson I wonder if he’ll manage to upset everyone he meets.  Hammy should fit right in with his pearly white teeth, and James will probably be adopted by some local bible bashing Church.

Headway losing its Head Way over Nothing…

It seems the ‘do gooder’ brigade have lost their sense of humour.
Jeremy Clarksons comments were made in jest and not directed at anyone else other than Hammy.
For someone to take offense at the remarks obviously shows they have a very sad outlook on life.
It’s another own goal for the PC brigade who seem to think that we can’t say nothing that stands a chance of remotely effecting someone, some people or some things.
If Clarkson had directed those comments at someone or some group outside of the studio then their might have been an argument.
I didn’t see anyone jumping to the defence of Jade Goody in the past few days (after the comments that were made about her). But then mind you did anyone disagree with those comments.

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