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Pedro Mendes Flattened by Ben Thatcher

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Manchester City earned their first point of the season in a match marred
by a disgraceful challenge by Ben Thatcher on Portsmouth’s Pedro Mendes.

In what turned out to be a mediocre match, the only noteworthy moment turned
out to be a disgraceful challenge by Ben Thatcher on Pedro Medes. On viewing
the reply you can clearly see Thatcher raise his hand towards the face of Mendes
resulting in the Portsmouth playing appearing to collapse to the ground unconscious
before sliding into the advertising hoarding.
Now whilst I can understand the reaction of Harry Redknapp and many of the
fans, and although being a Pompey fan myself, I don’t think Ben Thatcher intended
to hurt Mendes. Having watched Ben Thatcher over the past few years, I think
it was more of a dangerous tackle that he is prone to committing once in a
while, but in no way am I condoning what he did. The F.A. needs to review the
tackle and take the appropriate action before Thatcher ends up seriously injuring
another player. If he could remove that element from his game, he would be
a better player for it. No doubt Thatcher is remorseful for what he did, but
the fact remains he could have seriously injured Mendes and needs to sort himself
out as soon as possible. When you go into tackles at 110%, you have to be perfectly
sure you make the tackle or it could be a career ending move for the other

Hopefully Mendes will be back in action as soon as possible. I still believe
his goals towards the latter part of last season were instrumental in helping
Pompey avoid the drop

SPORT | Football | My Club | Man City | Thatcher faces FA & police probes

The Football Association and Greater Manchester Police are to launch investigations
into Ben Thatcher’s challenge on Portsmouth’s Pedro Mendes.

Pompey Undone by Referee

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Portsmouth | Redknapp angry over penalty award

Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp was furious with referee Uriah Rennie’s decision to award Tottenham a penalty in his side’s 3-1 defeat.

I only had the match on the radio last night and John Motson was even saying that it was in no way a penalty. It turned the game and probably cost Pompey vital points at a time when they need all they can get. But I suppose when things are going bad for you, these things add up. I’d like to think that Pompey will get the good luck towards the end of the season when they will probably really need it.

How the referee could award a penalty for hand ball when the shot was blasted at him I can not understand. Even when I viewed the incident on TV it looked like ball to hand if anything, despite the fact that it appeared to hit the top of his arm, let alone his hand.

Calling a TV Referee for important decisions needs to be investigated as soon as possible. It happens in a lot of modern games these days and I think it adds to the excitement whilst ensuring that results are not affected by bad decisions. I understand that referees can make mistakes and it is not their fault. But when we have the technology to reduce the impact of thost mistakes, it seems daft not to use it.