As mentioned in my previous post, the US is still in the middle of the Hurricane season and Rita looks set to be the next big storm to hit the Gulf Coast. (The season runs from June 1 to November 30).

It has already been upgraded to a Cat 5 storm and it appears to be heading direct for Houston.


I used to live in the 76137 Zip Code near Fort Worth, and even they are warning of 40-60mph winds with 4-6inches of rain. Now despite living in Tornado alley, Texas builders still insist on building wooden framed houses and the roof on mine was only good upto 40mph. (Not much use in a Tornado, but then, if its that close to do any damage, you’re knackered anway. Even with just normal storms it got damaged 3 times while we were living there. God knows what 40-60mph sustained winds will do to it. (Oh yeah, I don’t live there anymore, not my problem). But I do hope the old neighbours in the street are going to be Ok.

Not very nice of ‘Rita’ to head for Houston, it is still filled with survivors and refugees from Katrina. To have to go through yet another move must be very hard for them.

I think the storms have had enough of being chased themselves and are turning the tables.
Lets hope that damage is minimal this time.