Keep calm I'm back

I’ve finally gotten around to updating the website and hopefully, will find some time to post a bit more regular than I have been able to previously.Things have been a bit difficult over the past few years, but I am finally beginning to get things back under control. I won’t bore you with the details here, as I save those stories for another site of mine. (Which I must add, I’ve also updated too.  Things must be getting better if I’ve managed to find the time to update both sites !!).

Typically as a web/software developer, your own sites are always the worst of anything you do.  (I’d like to say that my business sites are always up to date !!.  It’s only my personal sites that I’ve neglected, some of which haven’t seen a post or new content in over 3 years !!).

Fear not, this may well be a temporary update and I might slip back into not posting for another three years.  To be honest, the main reason I updated was that the hackers finally found a software hole in the CMS I was previously using on this site and the other. I didn’t have much choice about updating the sites.