Added 25/11/2005:

George Best lost his fight for life this morning. Actually, I think it was more his body lost the strength to carry on. Even at the end I reckon George was still a fighter and would have grasped any chance he could to carry on, as his doctor said, “His heart was strong”.
He knew he had done some wrong things in his time, but he was honest about it. He openly warned people away from the pitfalls he suffered.

Now he is at rest, so let us remember George Best for what really made him great – His Football.

My thoughts are with his family and friends at this very sad time. No father should ever outlive his son, no son should ever lose his father. Now the press and the rest of us need to let them grieve in peace.

According to the news on the way home from picking the kids up from school, George Best is not expected to last much longer.

The lung infection he is suffering from at the moment has left him unable to fight any further infections.

It’s bad enough when you hear that a celebrity/idol etc has passed away, but knowing that he is dying seems to make it a tadge more saddening. It must be a very tough time for the family and friends and I hope the media give them the space that they deserve.

Besty had his problems, he would be the first one not to deny that. The Oliver Reed of the football world. An extreme talent on the pitch, but a wild side to equal it off the field. I was born and grew up towards the end of the Best era but he was one of the names on the radio/TV that was mentioned much in the same way as Rooney is talked about now.

No one will ever doubt the level of his skill on the field, and there will be many people saddended to hear this news, let alone close family and friends.

I hope his final hours are in peace, and my thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Best was Simply the Best – nuff said.