I think my fever has finally broken, although it came back last night with vengeance for a one night appearance I think, (either that or you can call me swampy, because there were a big puddle where I was laying).
That has got to be one of the nastiest throat infections I have ever had, even worse than the ones I used to get before I had my tonsils and adenoids out about 26 years ago. (Dang..that makes me feel really old now).
I spent most of the day sleeping today and I finally feel half way human again.
Can’t remember what I was doing last week, and not sure what intended to do this week, because I should still be in hospital recovering from my operation. (I was due out tomorrow, the 16th March).
I have one month left working for my present company, which because my operation has been moved to the 8th April is going to complicate things. Basically I will be laid off while I am laid up so to speak, so it will be at least May/June now before I can go back to work, providing all goes well. (And we all know how lucky I am?. Not).
Anyway, I’ve got 4 or 5 days worth of catching up to do on each of my blogs.
Loads of letters to write, including a couple to the US to get them to sort out my pay from my time over there.
I also got my £100 UK tax penalty this week, which isn’t a problem since its between my company and PWC to sort that out. Its only taken them around a year to sort my taxes out.