I’ve been waiting on a delivery from Pixmania. It is a company in France that has e-shops that appear as if in most European countries. I didn’t realise the main depot was in France until I saw the DHL tracking number.
As I was returning from the bakery 2 minutes down the road, a DHL van was driving at about 5mph past my house. I flashed my headlights, hit the horn, waved like mad and got a wave back. I then pulled into my driveway and watch him proceed down the road still at 5mph. But he was far enough away for me not to chase after him and when he got to the corner, whoosh, off he went. Perhaps he wasn’t looking for my house.
About 20mins later, I get an email from the DHL site to say my delivery details had been udpated, so off I go and log in.
There I find that a new note has been put against the delivery stating that they required directions to my house.
So I phoned them up, gave them the directions and explained that we could have got out of our respective vehicles, shook hands, and got back in again without them travelling more than 5ft, she apologised. I then reminded her that the address was the same one as the day before when another DHL courier picked up an item. Oops, I think she said.
Nevermind, it’ll be Monday now before I get them.