Two more days left before I am officially unemployed.
My supposed last day is the 20th April but I need to go in before then and sign a few documents. Due to my operation last week, I have been waiting on a reply to a few questions about final pay and other outstanding issues before I sign the ‘release’ documentation. (Perhaps outstanding was the wrong word to use, because the whole layoff process has been crap from start to end).
I’m a lot better off than those people at Rover. As the company is bankrupt I suspect that they will get the bare minimum redundancy payment, (except for senior managers who I bet won’t be losing out, probably at the expense of the workers pension fund too).
Because I’ve just had this operation, I am officially ‘unable’ to work for the next 4-5 weeks. I have quite a few interviews lined up, but I won’t be able to start work until the end of May most likely.
A couple of companies are aware of my recent operation and it hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm as much as I thought it would. I hope that my recent back problems don’t put them off too much.
But in saying that, I have quite a bit of work scheduled that should keep me going until the end of the year if I am lucky. And if things take off properly, I hope to be working for myself for the rest of my time anyway, (but I doubt that will be the case, pessimist that I am).