Yeah I know, this is my MT (Moveable Type) blog, so why am I extolling the virtues of a new plug in for Blogger?
I have always been a fan of Blogger and the team (now part of the Google group), because I believe that Blogger is one of the best free Bloggin tools out there.
Granted it may not have all the features of some other bloggin tools, but there isn’t much you can’t do with it using some jiggery pokery.

Anyway, to make things easier they have launched a plug in for MS Word to allow you to make a new post to or update a post on any of your blogs.
I don’t really use blogger much, other than to host my humour and jobsite blog. Even then I only update the Humour blog much lately. I was thinking of moving them both over to my MT server, but this tool is kind of neat.

One of my bugbears with blogger was the response time of the web server when posting, or the sometimes unreliable posting mechanism that often caused me to lose long posts. Towards the end I used to type out my blog posts in Word and save them locally rather than take a chance of losing them. Now I can do that again, but can post it directly to my blog with a click of a single button.

With Blogger for Word, publishing a Word document to your blog is just as seamless as saving it to your computer, and it’s easy to get started; all you need to do is download and install the Blogger for Word add-in, and three buttons appear in your Word toolbar:

  • Publish creates and publishes a new post from the text in your document.
  • Open Post enables you to edit your last 15 Blogger posts in Word.
  • Save as Draft enables you to keep a post unpublished; it will appear in your Blogger account, but not publicly on your blog.

System Requirements

The Blogger for Word add-in requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher and Microsoft Word 2000 or higher. You can use your existing Blogger username and password; if you need a Blogger account, sign up now for a free account and blog.