I recently ordered a new NetGear DG834GTUK Router. I went for this model because it has the built in ADSL modem and has support
for ‘Super Wireless’.
As I have done for the past 6 months I have been using Savastore.
They are one of the cheapest suppliers I have found and you really have to search to find prices to match.
All of their prices are quite low compared to other places. I used them as my preferred supplier since I could order everything from
the one place, rather than have to order some parts from here, some parts from there, and the rest from somewhere else. Well not anymore!!

The DG834GTUK also comes with a free WG5111T which is a USB Wireless connector. It’s great when I want to add a PC that I am working
with onto my network without having to install new network cards etc. You just plug in the USB device and you can go within seconds.
Although it is meant to be ‘free’, the price of the DG834GT is much higher than you can get it elsewhere, (whilst still being cheaper
than buying them separately).

The problems started when I inserted the WG5111T into my laptop USB port. It managed to short out the internal USB power supply rail
and caused the other devices to drop offline briefly. They soon powered back up, but the WG5111T device was dead as dodo and was not
recognized, in fact the laptop didn’t even realize that something had been plugged in.
After confirming that there were no more shorts across the WG5111T, I tried it in my desktop and again it was not detected.
Incidentally, the Laptop that I also purchased through Savastore.
has also failed and is about to be returned to Sony tomorrow, (and it too is an internal PSU problem)

I emailed customer support at Savastore to ask them how to return it. They pointed me to the website where you have to select
an order number, then an item number and you then get a return number. Well I didn’t want to return the DG834GTUK and the WG5111T
because the first unit had been installed at a customer site and was in use by them. I could hardly go in and remove it from the
customer site because a device that they had not even ordered or owned was in their possession. I asked customer support if I could
just return the defective WG5111T, but all they said was no, you must return both items. Even after I explained that I could only
send back the WG5111T they would not budge.

This is not the first time that I have had problems with Savastore., I had previously ordered a PC from then that had a cracked front. The front came off the PC without even having to undo any fasteners or screws so all I asked them to do was ship me replacement, or let me return the cracked front fascia. But no, they wanted me to return the who PC again leaving a customer without something they ordered, all for a cosmetic fix. And for them to replace the whole PC meant they would have replace the MS serial number because you cannot transfer the stickers from one case to another, so they would have effectively made a loss on that license, (albeit a reduced price OEM version). No matter what you say to their customer support, they refuse to budge, listen to common sense or.

They’ve also shipped the wrong memory modules and cable assemblies in the past, but I was able to use them anyway. I have ordered
about 5000 worth of equipment from them in the past 6 months, and have around 10,000 of orders for the next two months alone, and I
reckoned on about 25,000 scheduled for the next 6 months. And I don’t intend to buy a penny of it from them ever again. It was their
arrogance that wound me up most. They are the ones who have inconvenienced me by either shipping defective or incorrect parts, and yet
the want to further inconvenience me and my customers. I actually phoned up Netgear first, but since the part was under 21 days old they asked me to speak to Savastore. first. I phoned them back to say and told them what Savastore had asked me to do, and they said they were not surprised. They implied that it was probably an attempt to get me to forget about it and not to bother returning it. They then offered to send out a replacement and for me to return the defective part. So now I have my replacement on its way and they are trusting me to send back the defective part. Trust, just like I trusted Savastore. to send me the right or working order first. Netgear have already shown that they have a much better attitude towards customer support. It didn’t matter that it was a free item that had been shipped defective, it mattered to them that a device with
their name on it had failed ‘out of the box’ and they have no problems replacing it.