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I’m only just getting round to sorting out my old MyBlogLog account that I used to have on this blog.  I’ve been consolidating all my "Shinerweb" Social Networks and I’m afraid to say I nearly forgot about MyBlogLog .

One of the things you really need to check out on MyBlogLog is Connector.  I give up sometimes trying to work out where all my contacts on the various other social networks are.  I have multiple accounts on nearly all of the social networks, (which is why I’m currently setting up the "Shinerweb" Social Network for all the regulars I talk to).  I still need to keep my business contacts and business Social Networks, but I’ve built up quite a good number of new friends via my other accounts.  MyBlogLog’s Connector should be a good tool to keep track of them in one place.

One thing I hadn’t forgotten about was the take over of MyBlogLog by Yahoo a while back.  I needed to email support and I was dreading having to wait for some Yahoo tech with no knowledge of MyBlogLog, but nope, MyBlogLog support are still there working away.  It’s not often you get great response times with replies from real people with a working knowledge of the problem, (as opposed to those canned replies from automated scripts that annoy the heck out me). So hats off to support and especially Tilly. 

Keep up the great work, and keep rolling out those new features.

Get Paid to Blog?

Is it real this time? Can you really get paid for blogging?
No, I don’t mean, you sign up and post on someone else’s blog and they pretend
to pay you in shares or something.
Or, no, I don’t mean you join 1000’s of other mugs who sign up and basically
provide the parent sites content (which they then sell on at 100x what they
paid you, or they rake in bucket loads of PPC revenue).

I mean you get paid to blog about what you choose to blog about on your own

If you are going to write something on your blog anyway, what is the harm
in checking on Bloggerwave,
seeing if your topic is on there and getting paid a few pennies anyway.  Even
if its a miserable $10, that’s double what you probably (should) be paying
for your monthly web hosting costs.  Write one of those a month and all
your web hosting is free.

And it might even get you into the habit of blogging more regularly. 
It’s a brand new site, but I was asked to check it out for a client of mine.
Sign up process was easy, nice user interface and all in all it appears a pretty
good bet.

Get Paid to BlogRemember,
you don’t have to pay them anything, you just have to post like you was going
to do anyway. So what you got to lose just for looking? 
Check out Bloggerwave and
make your own mind up…

Blogging Code of Conduct

There has been a lot of talk recently about the possible need for a “Blogging Code of Conduct” and there have been a number of events in the media recently highlighting bad behaviour by some people towards others.  (The recent incidents with Kathy Sierra  come to mind).

I was quoted in a BBC article a few days ago and a San Francisco Chronicle article on Thursday calling for a “Blogger’s Code of Conduct” in response to the firestorm that has arisen as a result of Kathy Sierra’s revelation that she’s been targeted by a series of increasingly violent and disturbing anonymous comments on her blog and on a series of weblogs that appeared to have been created for the purpose of celebrating cyber-bullying.

Tim O’Reilly – First Discussion on Blogging Code of Conduct

We’ve drafted a code of conduct that will eventually be posted on, and created a badge that sites can display if they want to link to that code of conduct.

Draft Blogging Code of Conduct

And the latest story on the BBC about a blog being taken down…

A British diplomat’s blog offering his thoughts on Thailand has been withdrawn after insults and accusations were posted on it by members of the public.

I can’t quite see the need for such a “code of conduct” and defiantly not for a badge.
(Though I would respect other peoples use of it if they so choose).
But there is nothing in there that isn’t common sense already.
I mean, “Hey!, it’s my blog”. I can post what I like, about who I like, when I like.
I don’t force anyone to read it.
But it’s not like I am going to say anything that is likely to upset someone because it’s not in my nature.
And I don’t allow anonymous comments on my blog and that is for spam reasons, not to prevent any old Tom, DIck or Harry from posting on my blog.
I also moderate all of my comments. If someone posts something I don’t agree with, then I remove it, (in fact I just plain delete it).  And that has nothing to do with restricting free speech. I had one guy object before and I just pointed out to him that it was my blog, my website, and I could do what I bloody well liked with it. I told him that I was not stopping him from commenting on my blog, I was just not letting him do it on my own blog using my own resources. I don’t have a problem with him making what ever comment he likes on his own blog.

If someone does have a blog and they post material that’s is illegal, then don’t go back there.
Same goes for someone who insists on making personal attacks of any kind.
They can talk to themselves and post what they want, they’ll soon get bored.

IMHO, it is nothing more application of common sense, and anyone who objects to my methods on my blogs, obviously doesn’t have an ounce of common sense anyway…

As to the incident with Kathy Sierra, that just beggars belief…

I’ve reproduced the draft code of conduct below.

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Moving From the Old Blogger to Blogger2 (Beta)

Getting the ‘Move your account to
Use the new Blogger’

It is that time! You log into your blogger account and you get the dreaded
message.  Time to move to the new blogger (the old beta).  You can
go to your dashboard, but you get one more chance of doing that and then you
‘have’ to move over.

(click on any of the images in this article to see the full
size version in a new window).
dreaded new blogger change over time

So you get the message, what next?
Do you go ahead and agree to the terms of service and hit continue?

Well let me first say, I’ve not heard of anyone losing a blog because of a
move over from the ‘old blogger’ to the ‘new blogger‘.  I’ve
heard of and helped out a few people who have managed to trash their blogs
by playing around with the new settings without realizing what they were doing.  But
all in all, the process works well (now..).  A few weeks back a good friend
of mine (Sally from The
), was also apprehensive about moving from the old to the new
system.  In the end the automated system determined it couldn’t do the
transfer and referred it for investigation by a blogspot engineer.  That
was the first instance of that message I had come across and I have yet to
hear of the final outcome with that story.

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Tick Tock Tick Tock?

The Tick Tock Project – Launch

What do people like the following celebrities, friends and foes, sports stars and world leaders all have in common? Then ask yourself what you may have in common with them!

Tick Tock ProjectThe main purpose of the project has not been released yet, but there is a teaser at the site right now, so I won’t go and spoil the fun by telling you all about it.  I’ll let you all go visit it and see if you can work out what it’s all about.

Moving Beyond YouTube

Monday, December 04, 2006

A collection of online editing applications lets people do more than just watch and share video.

More people are turning to the Web to watch television shows and movies, thanks to sites like YouTube and Apple’s iTunes store. But there’s an emerging breed of website that’s letting people go beyond passively viewing video. A number of startups, including Jumpcut, Grouper, and Motionbox, are providing free software tools that let anyone mix video clips online and, in some cases, make movies even if they don’t have content of their own.

Quite a good article this on the YouTube phenomenon which mentions a couple of online tools that I wasn’t aware existed.  I’ve got to be honest though, I am not one of those who spends hours upon hours watching videos on YouTube.  I do have an account with a few videos, but only to see what all the fuss was about.

I will probably use YouTube in the future for posting my own ‘home videos’ to the net if only because it shifts the burden of bandwidth usage to YouTube away from my own servers.  Why pay for anything when you can get it for free.  So what if the viewer clicks on an advert and YouTube takes a fee, I’m not going to be posting anything that is going to make them millions.

 This is an example of something that was done on Jumpcut

‘One Day in History’

History Matters

A MASS BLOG for the national record. The History Matters campaign has designated October 17 a day for the public to make historic. We have chosen ‘an ordinary’ weekday of no particular significance to ask you to write a one day on-line diary.

Should be an interesting exercise. Go visit the site at the link above to read more about it.

Webhosting Site Goes Live (Finally)

Web Hosting, Email, Domain Name Registration Website Design

I’ve finally finished upgrading my web hosting website and its now available for taking live orders.
I’m still waiting for a few payment processor accounts to go live and these are easy enough to add as and when they become active.
For the moment you can select Paypal as the payment processor or a manual invoice step which allows you to place and order and then I email you back to sort out payment options.

So if anyone visits my blog, and wants to place an order, use the manual step for the time being and I will sort you out an extra discount.
Once we agree on a price, I will give you the access page for the payment processor of your choice with the new reduced fee.
For those people who are members of the ‘forum’, I’ll even set you up accounts at cost. (Those who know which forum will know what I am talking about, those who are wise enough to work out which forum can also have the discount). After you have made your order, email me your ‘forum’ username and I will give you the true ‘cost’ price.

I am still working on adding much more content to the site, but wanted to get the basics out there and running. I am about to add the following sections:

  • Web Site Design – This will include links to the various sites I have already designed and in operation right now.
  • SEO – We will also be offering SEO services in order to help improve your site rankings.
  • Blogging – More information on the blogging services we offer. This will include installations of many of the popular blogging applications and also dedicated accounts for hosting your ‘blogspot’ blogs.
  • Add in the FAQ section – The FAQ module is there, but not visible at the moment as it has been causing cross-browser problems on verification. Its only a few minor tweaks required, its just getting the time to fix it that is the hassle right now.

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