What a Christmas day that was. By far the best one I can remember. I would not have known that I have 3 children, except for the mountain of wrapping paper left behind by the mornings activities.
Not a fight, not a moan, not a squabble.
Best of all, not one of the stupid fiddly toys that needed putting together.
Mr Claus did us proud on that front, (definitely earned his mince pie last night).
There were smiles on the kids from 7am when the first came down, to 11pm when the last one went to sleep.
Dinner was superb (even if I do say so myself). The Tesco turkey wasn’t too bad. (Still can’t beat the turkeys we had in Texas, but then god knows what was in them).
My dogs can’t move from their spots, they won’t even look at their normal feed (dog chow, not RSS/ATOM).
The only sad part of the day was my wife having to work tonight (and tomorrow). (It’s not as if we can just close all the hospitals at Christmas though, so somebody has to work), but I made some of my world famous mushroom vol-au-vants for her to poison the ward with…
I’ve uploaded a few of the pictures from today to my
album. Some of them need touching up to get rid of red eye, although how much of that is down to the flash or down to the lack of sleep I am not sure.
Boxing Day tomorrow, which reminds me I have to finish off a post about the origins of Boxing day.
I’m off to attack a drumstick and a jar of pickled gherkins…