This post started off a reply to an article posted on another blog (Blogging with Dr P…) but after it bombed out when I posted only a short reply, and then it did it again a second time, I thought sod it… I’ll write one here instead and link back… grrrrr
Anyway, for those in the UK that don’t know, there was some sort of fire at the Branston Pickle factory which is danger of totally trashing the average Brits Chrimbo. (Mine included). I say the average Brit since I doubt the RH Prince Charles and his brood don’t even know what it is… (It does though go very nicely with a brace of pheasant so I have been told). Anyway, I digress. Needless to say there will be a shortage of Branston this year, and I’m not a happy bunny.
I was searching a blog directory for amusing blogs to break the monotony of some tedious work in progress, when Blogging with Dr. P.. came up with Branston in the title of one his articles (and no, it was no Asian Porn, but that?s another story on his blog worth reading though).
So off I click, and knock me down with a feather if he didn?t go on about getting a supply from the English Emporium in Fort Worth TX. (Actually near Grapevine).
When I lived in Fort Worth for the 3 years that place kept me sane. Life without Walkers Crisps, Ginger Nuts, decent sausages, PROPER bacon, and Marmite amongst a few could not be contemplated. The English Emporium sold them all, and many more of our favourites. Easter Eggs made with proper chocolate (there were English Easter eggs after all).
Well Dr P?s brainstorm was to place an order for a few jars and pick them up whilst over in Texas for Thanksgiving? A cracking idea, so I phoned a friend who I know is coming over and they are off to buy me a few jars to bring back with them.
So thanks to Dr P?, my Christmas is saved, or more rather my Boxing Day (something the Americans never got their heads round. They couldn?t work out why my pool was full of beer drinking Englishmen the day after Christmas day when most of them were going back to work?). Boxing Day with cold turkey, beef, ham and BRANSTON, it just wouldn?t be Christmas without it.
I do wish Dr. P and his Texan wife a good Thanksgiving for when they are over there. It?s a great place and one I miss, especially all of our friends in the Keller / Park Bend/Glen area.

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