Living out in the sticks miles from anywhere, I only have access to DSL and even then we had to fight BT to get them to switch on DSL access for our line. We are right on the so called edge of DSL range at our exchange, but they have since upgraded it to better equipment.
But more recently I have been noticing some weird behaviour when viewing web sites, or FTP etc. It is more noticeable when viewing web pages, when sometimes an image won?t load, or some other part is missing (say, the CSS).
It appears that I am getting receiving errors on my connection that are not resulting in the data being sent again. I always thought that if something did not arrive, or if it failed a checksum of sorts, then the request would be resent. I haven?t got a clue how to debug this further at the moment. It might even be a problem between my USB DSL modem and the PC, or with the DSL modem itself. Another headache for me to try and sort out when I get 5 minutes? when?.