My main PC was a Sony VAIO that came with the OS bundled on an Image disc, which meant I never had a copy of XP Professional. As I mentioned in my techy blog, I found a cheap distribution of XP Professional. As it turned out, the disk arrived with a Mouse? So despite the description on the site, it was an OEM copy. No different than any other copy of XP, but a damn site cheaper.
So I’ve backed up everything I can think of backing up. (Made a complete copy of my main C: Drive (40Gigs) on a removable USB drive just in case).
I’ve also taken an image of the main drive in case I muck up.
So now I am about to reformat my main drive and put a brand spanking new fresh image on it.
Things were starting to get clunky and the registry was bloated beyond repair.
Also managed to fix my floppy drive today by removing the remnants of a disk that disintegrated inside. So I’ll also be updating my BIOS.
So here goes… I doubt it will ever be the same. If my next post is from my other computer, you know I screwed up.