Having received a mail from Argos and watching the ITN news, I see that the much anticipated launch of the PSP has arrived.

Can’t say that I’ll be any rush to go out and buy one, but no doubt as the kids are due to start school again tomorrow, they will be coming back home saying that Joe Bloggs has one, can I have one Dad.

But in saying that, the two boys have enough pocket money/savings to buy one for themselves, and they don’t seem to be wanting one just yet. They have become converts to playing games on the PC, which I find much better. It is a lot easier to upgrade PC Hardware than it is to go out and buy the latest Game Console every few years. I know its a big market for games in the console section, but I still prefer the PC Console.

I still can’t see the point of spending £220 for the PSP and various accessories and then spending £30 per game for something not much bigger than a mobile phone.
They are far too small to play anything serious on it, but no doubt they will still become popular in the UK over the next few months

  • 4.3in, 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD colour screen (480 x 272 pixels).

  • Built-in speakers.

  • Exterior headphone connector.

  • USB compatible.

  • Wireless LAN – enables users to connect to the internet and play online via a wireless network (connect up to 16 PSP’s).

  • Play full 3D games, play UMD movies, play music, view photos and is portable.