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Another Election Over

Well another election has passed and gone. No real surprises to me.
It appears that the Britsh public had some angst against Tony Blair, but not enough to vote him out of a job, (I nearly said office then, going back to my time in Texas). A couple of the seats they lost were obvious protest votes and a few more were deemed to be as a result of the Iraq war.
Labour either lost seats to the Conservatives, or the Liberals mainly. Now that seems an obvious statement, but my point is the Liberals didn’t lose many to the Conservatives and vice-versa.

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Make you Opinions Count

As a nation we are known for the way the complain after the fact.
If ever served a bad meal in a restaurant we would either eat most and leave some, eat none at all and make an excuse about not being hungry, in fact we would do almost anything rather than complain at the time. We then wait until we get home, and then complain about it to every person we speak to.
Perhaps that is an over generalisation of the way we behave, and true, it is becoming less apparent in some walks of life. But we still are a nation of complainers behind closed doors.
There is probably 99% of the voting population who are unhappy with most aspects of their life and the at least some of the current political scene, yet the turnout this year is expected to be quite low once again.
Those who consider themselves happy with the current Labour party feel no need to get up and vote. They feel Labour will win away. If they don’t win, they will then sit and moan about how anyone could vote for the other parties, rather than why so little people voted for the Labour party.
Those who are unhappy with the Labour party feel there is no point in voting for the other parties, because someone else will vote for them anyway, or they accept that the Labour party is going to win anyway so what is the point of voting? When the Labour party win re-election, they will sit at home wondering why so many people voted for the Labour party, rather than the real reason of why so few people voted for the other parties.
By not voting, by not voicing your opinion, you lose your right to an opinion. You lose the right to bemoan which ever party did or didn’t get elected. By not voting, you accept apathy towards the current situation and show they you don’t care either way.
So get out, vote, or put up and shut up. Simple choice really.

Vote for the BNP. Make your vote count.

At least that is what the leaflet that was posted through my front door said the other day.
It had a very nice picture of the BNP candidate for the Basingstoke, UK area. It told of how he grew up in the area, frequented the local chinese takeaway and then of how disconcerted he became at the number of immigrants that he was seeing around his area.
It also tells the story of the old lady who had to spend all of her savings so that she could survive, and that when she had spent it all, she could not get put on a waiting list for a house, or that she could get a fraction of the benefits that she was due. It then gave an example of how family X arrived from location Y as an illegal immigrant and was immediately given all the financial support that he needed, along with a house and a car to go with it.
When you put it like that, it does tend to make you wonder what the hell is going on. In fact most of the flyer contained a lot of common sense arguments. If you took away the name of the party responsible for the flyer, and if you forgot about any preconceptions of the BNP that you had, you could be insensed enough by the issues to actually want to vote for that constituent.
I heard an interview on the radio with Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP. He was very careful on what he said, and how he said it. He touched on the issues mentioned in the leaflet. He gave a very good account of himself, and again, forgetting who the party are, and assuming for a minute that he was a new independant candidate, you would probably consider a vote for him. Nearly ever issue about race relations or in fact any question that seemed racist or contentscious, he deflected.
This general election, I have noticed a very deliberate ploy by the BNP to only discuss and campaign on the issues that most ‘normal’ people would support. Gone are the days when your local BNP candidate would turn up in jeans, nazi slogan’ed t-shirt and a pair of 40 hole Dr. Martins, with a zillion piercings and a Nazi emblem somewhere about his body. Todays candidates could be your next door neighbour if appearancs were to be judged upon.
I visited the BNP website after the radio show to have a look at their manifesto. They have a brief version, and the much longer full version. Much longer, in fact, long enough to make people only want to view the shorter version. The shorter version that doesn’t contain half of the ‘racist’ policies that we would normally associate the BNP with.
My biggest fear this election, is they are going to win a large number of votes that makes us out to be as bad as some of the other European countries where facists appear to be making a comeback. We are not that sort of nation. But they have guided their media attention at the immigration policies that are at the forefront of a lot of peoples minds. I would expect they have been campaigning strong and hard in an area like Dover for example. Not that they will win the seat, but they will get a huge number of votes, which the media will pick up on and give some coverage to.
They seem to be glossing over the more negative policies that they have lurking in the background. Now don’t get me wrong, all the information is there if you look, all the history is there too. They haven’t hidden it, suddenly denied it. It is merely the BNP applying ‘spin’ to their own image, and doing it well which is most worrying. If the comments on their site are to be believed, it appears that there a huge number of people who are disheartend by the number of ‘illegal’ immigrants who have entered our system. But I wonder how many of those are in favour of banning ALL immigrants. I wonder how many of those are in favour of a fraction of the policies that they have not discussed.
One of their policies which they do discuss is the repatriation of foreign nationals back to their home country. Anyone wishing to return would be paid a lump sum of money and given free flight back to their ‘home’ country.
This applies to all foreigners, all would be made to leave eventually.
When asked what effect this would have on our already delapidated NHS when you consider the number of foreign doctors, nurses and auxillary staff, their answer was that by reducing the number of foreigners within the UK, this would releave the pressure on the NHS to such and extent, that we wouldn’t need them.
Now thats is a more polite method of ‘making Britain white’ than the “Pakki’s Go Home” slogans of years ago, but it is no more common sense now, than it ever was. Britain is a multi-cultural society and it is the only way we can ever survive. Most of the people who will vote for the BNP will not see past the issues that have angered them so much to see the real racist agenda that really drives the BNP.
All current and ex-forces personnel will be allowed to own and carry a firearm. They will be allowed to kill anyone deemed to be carrying out an illegal activity without fear or persecution by the judicial system. (Another quote from another radio show, based on an actual policy item in their manefesto). This one made me laugh as an ex-Royal Navy guy. If you gave guns to us lot, half of us would have shot ourselves within 6 months. And it would be no use taking us to hospital, because there would be no one left to treat us.
No Mixed relationships, they would be illegal. The family would be asked to relocate to the country of origin of the foreign partner.
The practicing of foreign religion would be banned.
There are so many racist items that they have glossed over in an attempt to gain support from those who feel they have suffered as a result of illegal immigration.
I am all for free speech, but in this day and age, allowing a party like this to practice what the majority of the world would consider racist, elitest and even extremist mystifies me. Given the weapons, given the power, or just simply given the means, these people would be far worse than any Hitler or Hussein. They would commit far worse crimes against humanity than ever commited before, yet we allow them to not only voice their opionions in public, but to stand for office in order to be elected.
It is a difficult one I know when it comes to free speech. I don’t have any angst towards the Basingstoke candidate, I just don’t agree with his beliefs and his policies. But democracy being what it is, if this was a just and true world we live in, they would never get elected. I suppose it is their hidden agenda I disagree most with, or the way that they praying on the emotions of those most effected by some of the issues they raise.

Four Days to Go

It’s 4 days now until the UK General Election and I’m still totally undecided as to who I am going to vote for.

At one stage I was sure that it appeared that the Labour Party would gain re-election, but I think the Liberal Democrats will make a huge gain in these elections. I don’t think it will be enough to win them the election, far from it, but I think that the Conservative will suffer the most from the Lib Dem gains. This is partly due to the much improved image that the Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy has showed in this campaign, (and the birth of his new son must have won him a fare share of new voters). Michael Howard however still comes across as a smug faced over confident old timer. It wouldn’t put me off voting for his party, because I choose my vote on issues, not appearances. Meanwhile, Tony Blair seems to be in a nonchalant mood where it appears that he doesn’t care if you vote for him or not. I think is partly down the number of personal attacks he has had to face from Michael Howard in the past few weeks. Personally, I’d like to see that sort of thing banished from campaigning.

Many years ago when I was serving in the Royal Navy, we were sitting down the mess discussing an upcoming election. Despite the old saying of never talk politics or religion, the tinnies started rolling and the arguments started flying. I will always remember one guy, who was always fairly self opinionated anyway who really managed to wind everyone up that night. (Despite his views, but you always knew where you stood with him, and I spent over 3 years serving with him on ships and on training courses. Provided you avoided the North/South divide and politics, he was a great guy to be around. Extremely good at cricket, (being a Yorkshire lad, he often reminded you of this too) he was also a member of the ships football team along with me.

If I remember correctly, I think the Labour Party was discussing some pretty drastic cuts in the Armed Forces, and especially the Royal Navy. Bear in mind this was Falklands+8 years and around the time of the first Gulf War. You see this guy voted Labour, always has, and always would. He was a Yorkshire lad from a village where everyone voted Labour. He voted Labour because his dad voted Labour, his Granddad voted Labour and his great-Granddad voted Labour and so on and so on. When asked how he could vote Labour, when it could mean putting himself out of a job, it didn’t bother him. When asked what would he do if Labour suggested a policy of killing anybody with the name of XXXXX, from the village of XXXXX serving aboard HMS Southampton, which almost certainly would mean death for him. He just replied, "my dad votes Labour, my Granddad voted Labour and my great-Granddad voted Labour and so on and so on, so I will vote Labour too?”. This not only baffled most of us, but became quite heated, although he could not see what the problem was.

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Immigration Policy

Blunkett Attacks Tory Immigration Policy

I don’t care what any of the parties do to curb the immigration problems, so long as we put a rocket up the French governments rear end.

I always thought it illegal for a country to allow immigrants passage through their country, since as soon as an asylum seeker steps foot into a new country, they must claim asylum there.
So that should mean that only those who arrive by plane can legally claim asylum, since they could in theory come from one country straight to here.

How the hell we let the French get away with allowing them to congregate at the English/French ports/train stations is beyond me.

The first thing we should do is buy a fleet of coaches. Every time we get a coach full, drive them back over the border and deliver them back to France.

The EU should fine the pants off the French government for what is such a flagrant breach of EU law, it beggars belief.
But if they did do that, we would probably have to contend with the French getting upset at us Brits again, and blockading the ports until the French government give in. (I’m sure they are organized by the government anyway).

I have no problem what so ever with legitimate asylum seekers. Most have valid reasons but there cases are damaged by the sheer number of illegal immigrants that manage to slip past the French ‘border’ patrol. Its probably the same patrol that missed the Germans coming in 60 odd years ago.

I watched the BNP political broadcast the other night. I think they were trying to jump on the immigration bandwagon, but we should be sending the BNP to France along with the illegal immigrants. The only difference is, I’d have more pity for the immigrants.

Their advert consisted of giving an ‘ex-army’ lad who now lives on the street a bottle of scotch and a few packs of fags. For that, he had to walk round London looking as pissed as a fart. Why didn’t they just interview him and get him set up to spend some time in a hostel.
They’ll probably push the immigration issue as hard as they can, and gloss over what a bunch of racist bigots they actually are. But there is no place for it in todays society.

We need to make sure that all parties concerned sign up to the fact that immigration needs to be tackled, and soon. Not only is it draining our resources, but it denies legitimate help to those that really need it.

Blair gets a Kerry Tan

I liked this one.
Mind you the other night the BBC were showing Blair and Howard photos alongside each other and Blair looked like Orville the duck. I can bet the labour party got straight onto the beeb about that one.

To Vote or Not to Vote

The conservative candiates assitant appeared at my door last night, asking me if I was going to vote for her in the forthcoming elections.
Said she had been championing for businesses within Basingstoke for the past 5 years and wanted to know if she could count on my support.
I asked her what she intended to do in order to support the 160 or so people who had been laid off from one of Basingstokes biggest companies, and she didn’t know anything about it. I’ve decided to give everyone who calls at my door a hard time about it.
And about the state of the UK in general.