Blunkett Attacks Tory Immigration Policy

I don’t care what any of the parties do to curb the immigration problems, so long as we put a rocket up the French governments rear end.

I always thought it illegal for a country to allow immigrants passage through their country, since as soon as an asylum seeker steps foot into a new country, they must claim asylum there.
So that should mean that only those who arrive by plane can legally claim asylum, since they could in theory come from one country straight to here.

How the hell we let the French get away with allowing them to congregate at the English/French ports/train stations is beyond me.

The first thing we should do is buy a fleet of coaches. Every time we get a coach full, drive them back over the border and deliver them back to France.

The EU should fine the pants off the French government for what is such a flagrant breach of EU law, it beggars belief.
But if they did do that, we would probably have to contend with the French getting upset at us Brits again, and blockading the ports until the French government give in. (I’m sure they are organized by the government anyway).

I have no problem what so ever with legitimate asylum seekers. Most have valid reasons but there cases are damaged by the sheer number of illegal immigrants that manage to slip past the French ‘border’ patrol. Its probably the same patrol that missed the Germans coming in 60 odd years ago.

I watched the BNP political broadcast the other night. I think they were trying to jump on the immigration bandwagon, but we should be sending the BNP to France along with the illegal immigrants. The only difference is, I’d have more pity for the immigrants.

Their advert consisted of giving an ‘ex-army’ lad who now lives on the street a bottle of scotch and a few packs of fags. For that, he had to walk round London looking as pissed as a fart. Why didn’t they just interview him and get him set up to spend some time in a hostel.
They’ll probably push the immigration issue as hard as they can, and gloss over what a bunch of racist bigots they actually are. But there is no place for it in todays society.

We need to make sure that all parties concerned sign up to the fact that immigration needs to be tackled, and soon. Not only is it draining our resources, but it denies legitimate help to those that really need it.