As a nation we are known for the way the complain after the fact.
If ever served a bad meal in a restaurant we would either eat most and leave some, eat none at all and make an excuse about not being hungry, in fact we would do almost anything rather than complain at the time. We then wait until we get home, and then complain about it to every person we speak to.
Perhaps that is an over generalisation of the way we behave, and true, it is becoming less apparent in some walks of life. But we still are a nation of complainers behind closed doors.
There is probably 99% of the voting population who are unhappy with most aspects of their life and the at least some of the current political scene, yet the turnout this year is expected to be quite low once again.
Those who consider themselves happy with the current Labour party feel no need to get up and vote. They feel Labour will win away. If they don’t win, they will then sit and moan about how anyone could vote for the other parties, rather than why so little people voted for the Labour party.
Those who are unhappy with the Labour party feel there is no point in voting for the other parties, because someone else will vote for them anyway, or they accept that the Labour party is going to win anyway so what is the point of voting? When the Labour party win re-election, they will sit at home wondering why so many people voted for the Labour party, rather than the real reason of why so few people voted for the other parties.
By not voting, by not voicing your opinion, you lose your right to an opinion. You lose the right to bemoan which ever party did or didn’t get elected. By not voting, you accept apathy towards the current situation and show they you don’t care either way.
So get out, vote, or put up and shut up. Simple choice really.