In or Out To be honest, initially I started off as an “in” but that was purely based upon “it’s what I know”.  I then realised I had better do some research since whilst it may not affect me so much, it will affect my children and definitely my grandchildren (I’m not ancient, and only just on the right side of 50!).   The more I looked into things, the more I kept landing on the “out” side of the line. Don’t get me wrong, being a European has it’s benefits, but the downsides are beginning to outweigh them massively.  If we are outside of the control of the EU, it will be great to write our own laws again and not having to have them sanctioned by the EU.  The UK Government doesn’t want to create laws allowing corporal punishment/hangings/death by torture. So don’t worry, we’ll still go along with the ethics of the EU.  But when we as a country want to ban prisoners from having the right to vote, we as a country will be able to make that decision.   When China attempts to undercut steel production with massive subsidies, we as the UK can apply taxes to offset the cheaper steel to make our own production competitive. The UK could once again control it’s own rich fishing grounds without having to give access to mainland EU trawlers flouting all the rules without punishment.   My decision is based purely on returning some of the power we lost to to EU that were not defined in the agreement we signed up to in the first place. It’s a massive decision, with so many areas that will affect each one of us personally. I’m not going to begin to tell anyone how to vote and why they should or shouldn’t.  It is up to each and everyone of us to take the time to think on how it will affect them.  If you have children under the voting age, you’ll be making the decision for them too.  I would encourage you to talk with any family members and again, don’t tell them how to vote, just tell them to make sure they vote. In or Out