Many thanks to Alan Levine for creating Feed2JS many moons ago, but I’ve decided to remove access to the Feed2JS service installed on the yaps4u.net domain.  I’ve contacted those users who had let me know they were using it and the site logs were showing only a few stragglers mainly on very old websites that hadn’t been updated in years.  If however by removing access I leave a blank spot on your site, please accept my apologies.

You can still use the service by installing a copy of the latest version on your own server which you can obtain from the Feed2JS Github repository.

Latest version: 2.34 as of 22.Apr.2013

Current code version hosted on github https://github.com/cogdog/feed2js

Feed2JS utilises MagpieRSS (XML-based (expat) RSS parser in PHP)

With much thanks to Brian Teller, you can still build the same snippets required to display RSS on your site via:  https://feed2js.org/index.php?s=build