BREXIT - In or OutI mean, every one of you that voted leave, considered this point at the start of this Brexit malarkey, didn’t you? How many points regarding leaving the EU did you consider? Be honest?
Forget about the so called £350M for the NHS and all the other fake promises, what points did you consider?
Just pick one (or more) of those points and try to decide if it’s worth a hard border between South and North of Ireland?
Or a border within the UK itself, halfway across the Irish Sea?

Most voters picked one or two ‘killer’ points upon which to base their desire to leave the EU. There are many points to consider when leaving the EU.

We need a compromise, end of. The 48% and 52% have no choice but to give up some of what they wanted. No discussion.

Daft thing is, I reckon if you were to have a referendum within the UK, (perhaps just the mainland of the UK), not including Northern Ireland, and the subject of that referendum was “Should we give Northern Ireland back to the Irish?”.
Given the reasons ‘some’ people voted to leave the EU, the UK would just vote to give it back (if only to end the conundrum of “what to do with the border issue?”).
The DUP are piddling people off as they have the Conservatives in an awkward position. The DUP are aligned with Conservatives normally and now that means any non-Conservative voters plus disgruntled Conservative Voters are non-DUP fans.
There aren’t too many people on the streets of the UK that even know what the troubles between Ireland and the UK were even about? I mean they know it’s something to do with us stealing some land from them and calling it Northern Ireland, but not many people know what ‘the troubles’ were even about. Most probably don’t even care!

And don’t forget, legally, the Referendum Vote was legally just an opinion poll. Yes, legally that means the Government can ignore the results of the Referendum.
Trouble is, that would be political suicide. Who would ever trust a government that broke an unwritten (read non-legally binding) vote to leave the UK?

Remind me, where are Farage and Cameron? Probably sitting from afar thinking “oops, they voted yes, bugger, now what do we do?”

Compromise people or we will forever be locked into a “leaving the EU” state, face a hard exit, a mix-match that helps no-one.
But whatever you chose, make sure you fully understand ALL the facts rather than some half-hearted, misguided beliefs.