I’ve heard rumours that Google are on the lookout to spend some of that hard earned dosh and spread their wings into the realm of directories. (You know, them paper things that gather dust in some forgotten cupboard. If you are reading this, then chances are you probably use your computer to look up more things that you would use the ‘old’ Yellow Pages or Thompson directory).

It has been said in certain circles that they are going to purchase Yell (www.yell.com) and looking at the share price of Yell on the UK Stock Market, it seems that some people are speculating on that being the case.

It would give them access to more avenues to offer their advertising, but other than that, and I wonder what else they would gain from it.
Yell being a free service now, would I guess remain a free service if Google took it on, but there obvious ties between both types of data. It would also give them access to millions of records to also enhance their search results (Froogle would benefit I guess the most).