The Thrifty ScotI was looking for UK based websites offering details on 0% transfers on credit cards and the site title caught my attention, and since it’s run by a Scot, it’s bound to have some great advice.

It has a wealth of information on all things financial based. as well as the credit card info I was after.  Their section on transfers not only has advice but the latest news from the industry as well.

Whilst I was there I also noticed they had information on Loans, Debt Management and Bad Credit Remortgages (which I won’t need just yet, but will do if people don’t start paying me!!).

So if you want advice on spending, saving and debt.
Are you a spendthrift? or do you horde your money?
Then I would check out their website.
Has some great information for a change rather than trying to ‘just’ sell you something.

That site just saved me hundreds of pounds in interest and all it cost me was 30mins of my time in reading the available offers and then heading off and completing an online application.
Cant’ be bad. I’m happy to have save a few quid and I’m not even a Scot! Just imagine how he feels.