In my US house when I first moved to Fort Worth, we had the air conditioning set to 70 degrees or there about.  Being around 100 degrees outside and upon arrival of our first $500 electric bill for the month, the thermostat was quickly set to 82 degrees.

casablanca ceiling fansBut with the temperature set that high it didn’t feel too comfortable at times, mainly because of the humidity.  A colleague of mine suggested fitting ceiling fans which at first I didn’t think would help at all.

I used Farrey’s as they have a great online catalog to choose a couple of ceiling fans for the main living room. 

The benefits were immediately obvious since despite the the thermostat still being set at 82 degrees you get a cooling effect from the fan which effectively drops the temperature to the low 70’s.

After two months of lower electricity bills I decided to fit fans into all of the other rooms, so choosing the right fans was important. Farrey’s have a great system to for selecting, configuring and ordering the right system and their search tool is one of the best I’ve used.

I’ve just helped a friend select and install a new fans in his house and he used Farrey’s and he was impressed as I was.
They now have an even greater selection including fanimation,monte carlo fans, minka aire fans any many more.