In less than 12 hours now I’ll be going in for my back operation (finally!!).
I’ve probably tempted fate now by posting this. No flu, colds or other ailments in the house (apart from #1 son who is still trying to kick his flu).
Its just as well that I’m due in tomorrow because my back has been having one last throw at giving me gip. 50% of it is probably down to me thinking about the operation, but boy do I ache today. I’ve been walking round like I have a weight on my back, and could easily pass for Quasimodo!.
Eilis my daughter has just sat down and made a card for me telling me she’ll miss me.
Don’t think I’ll be getting too much sleep tonight, partly down to my back and the rest down to nerves. Considering the amount of time I have spent in hospitals, you’d think I be use to it now. If the last operation was anything to go by, I can even say I do enjoy hospital food. It’s better than some 4 star hotel restaurants but then they are most definetly spending more than 37p per meal, and probably closer to £10 per meal.
I just hope I don’t wake up Friday afternoon to discover another catheter. It might have one advantage though, there’s a lot of footy on the box on Saturday, so I’ll be able to sit in bed, watch the footy, enjoy a few ‘medicinal’ pints and not have to bother about missing any goals when I go to the loo. The nurse will probably come in and take the ‘p’ though 😉