BBC NEWS | UK | Fire crews start to quell inferno

It seems that they have made a good start on fighting the fire this morning at 8am. The smoke was still drifting over the back of the fields this morning, but whether it is due to the wind or the success of the fire-fighting, it seems to have diminished somewhat in the last 4 hours.

One thing that is piddling me off is the angle the press are taking once again. They seem to be scare mongering yet again and trying to whip people up into a frenzy so that they can maintain their viewing numbers.
Now they are waffling on about “what if it had been a nuclear power station”. Well erm, excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but #1 you wouldn’t build a nuclear power station on an industrial estate in the middle of a populated area. #2, Nuclear power stations don’t happen to go ‘whooooompf’ when it leaks and forms a vapour cloud.

Let us keep it in perspective and treat it as the incident it was. Whether or not it was an accident, eqiupment failure or even terrorism, it has nothing to do with a Nuclear Power station accident.

As hard as it is to believe looking at the devastation caused by the explosions no one was killed it appears. Congratulations to the fire departments for the way they are tackling the blaze. It looks to be very proffessional and competent attack of the fire. So long as no one gets injured in the process, it must be a fire fighters dream to work on a fire like this (providing they get it out in the next few days). It’s only the press that seem to be blowing it up more than the 30million gallons of gas/petrol in the tanks did themselves.