What to do with the empty Whisky/glass bottles; Whisky PC by MetkuMods – Because you love your hardware!

Whisky PC
Something little that one can do with the empty glass bottles.

I got the link to this website from Slashdot and it’s given me an idea.

I am considering making a business idea out of these and making a number of these up, and sellling them on Ebay or something. (Note: Actually, I would’t touch Ebay for all the money in the world. They’ve pissed me off royally over the last few weeks).

So I reckon I need to order up a case of 24 large bottles of scotch, drink the contents and make a few of these up.

Only problem being after drinking that much whiskey, I wouldn’t bet on any of them working… But it would be a good excuse to get hammered.

Seriously, its a neat idea for a one off, but it doesn’t actually make much sense for an upgradeable, maintainable, reliable etc etc PC. A great novelty idea.