So Harry Rednapp is coming back to Portsmouth. Personally, I didn’t think it would take him long to realise where the smell was coming from. You see he left Portsmouth just over a year ago because he said things were beginning to stink. Now that he has worked out that the Scummers were only a few miles down the road, he also knows where the smell was really coming from.

But in all seriousness, its not Southampton FC that stinks so much, more the way that Rupert Lowe the chairman doesn’t seem to have a concern about the football club. You’d think that the chairman of a football club from an area responsible for the departure of so many cruise liners would know a thing or two about stability and maybe apply some of the same logic to his football team, (ah, think Titanic).

Rednapps first task after moving back to Pompey will be to pay a visit to the dockyard to see what a Victory looks like. (Hasn’t seen one of them at Southampton for a long time).

But really seriously… As I’ve stated before, I only followed Pompey because it was my home base for 9 years whilst in the Royal Navy. So I shouldn’t really knock them since if I had been based in Southampton, I would probably have followed them. (I won’t mention that my house was closer to Southampton FC than Pompey FC). Who ever they get to be the next manager, the chairman should be prepared to back them for a long term future and not crap himself every time they go through a losing streak. Southampton are a premiership team and need to return back there as soon as possible. They have a great history in the top flight, and although in recent years it has resulted in a struggle for survival, they have the support, the ground and usually the players to more than justify their existence in the Premiership. All that has been lacking of late is the support of the Chairman. Just because he holds the cheque book doesn’t mean he can throw his toys out of the pram as and when he chooses. It makes the life of the manager very difficult when he doesn’t feel like he has the support of the boardroom.

And just to even out my knocking of Lowe, I actually think its a great decision to bring in Clive Woodward to the team. That is one area that could pay dividends in the future. Football has a lot to learn from Rugby and let us hope this helps to bring success back to Southampton, (but not at the expense of Pompey please!!).

Harry, all you need to do now is get Jim Smith back and everything will be complete.