If anyone is ever in need of purchasing Windows XP Home Edition then I really would suggest giving this site a look: http://www.rjcampbell.co.uk/

I placed an order for a copy of Windows XP Home Edition yesterday afternoon, using his secure cart on his website and it arrived this morning at 9.30am. Not a bad turnaround. It was the same for all of my orders with Robert in the past as well. (I’ve order Office 2003 Proffession in the past).

Rest assured that I only sell genuine Microsoft products, with genuine product keys which can be activated by Microsoft.

If you are wondering how he can offer the software so cheap, I won’t reveal all of his secrets, but the main one that you will notice is that the software is known as OEM.

OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM software is used by computer system builders, large and small. Large manufacturers have their own special OEM CDs which are tied to the bios settings of their hardware, so they cannot be used on competitor manufacturer computers. The OEMs sold from this website are unbranded Microsoft, and can be used on any PC or laptop, and are most suited to small scale computer system manufacturers. Smart people who don’t want to pay high prices for retail packaging, also buy OEM

The above is an excerpt from Roberts site, and describes what OEM is perfectly. And has he also states elsewhere on his site, these are NOT illegal copies sold with false security keys. These are genuine Microsoft parts. Robert also does not send out SPAM adertising his products. Most (99.99%) of the emails that claim to sell cheap software are selling the illegal copies and you should never even click on those mails because there is no telling what else they are up to).