Ok, I have been quite delinquent in my posting to my blog of late. The cold weather seems to have affected my ability to sit at this computer for longer than necessary and what time I have had on my hands has been spent on various work projects. I have a number of web sites I am working on, and am busy preparing quotes for a few new jobs. Can’t say much about them on here, but two of them are the biggest contracts I have worked on so far. Should keep me working from home (or a new office) for at least the next 18-36 months. Imagine that, not having to work for anyone again for at least the next 18 months!

We finally got the fence replaced to the left of the house this week. A company called Bob Berry Fencing Specialists carried out the work and they did a great job. Two guys (Scott and Frank) came round to do the job and it was bitterly cold in the mornings hardly getting about freezing all day. They replaced the complete fence and used concrete posts, which meant digging 2ft holes in not very good soil. (More trees and roots than you can shake a stick at). It’s one company that I will be keeping in mind for all future work while I am in the Basingstoke area. While they were working on the fence I decided to tidy up the yard and use the old wood from the fence to help burn off a load of rubbish out back. I thought I was coming down with a cold the next day from standing in a field when it was -4 next to a roaring fire..Talk about going from hot to cold and back again. The cold weather is really making my arthritis show up and it didn’t help working out in the cold (Lesson Learnt).