It’s 6.41am having been up since 5.40am. There is nothing but updates about the Tsunami effort on the news and things are still looking grim out there.
There are reports that the tourist areas could be open in weeks. I realize it is their livelihood, their way of life, but I can’t see how anybody could go there to enjoy themselves knowing the suffering that is still going on. There will be scores of areas now being given the support they need in order to build hotels etc etc, and not directed at those who really need it. People will suffer at the expense of tourists without a doubt. Those that go there expecting a vacation should be forced to work in the worst hit areas, those that they would not usually see. They either have too much money, have a morbid interest in the disaster or just have no feelings of their own. Don’t give me that rubbish about the locals needing the income to survive, just send them your holiday money and stay at home. Could you let someone pamper you all day, bringing you your cocktails, preparing food for you whilst others are starving. Send the money, stay at home, or swap the bucket and spade for a shovel and a pick and get out there and help.
It incenses me that much that I’d even start a wall of shame. For every picture of a tourist enjoying themselves, I’d post their pictures on the web, next to a picture of a orphaned child, a homeless worker, etc.
If you ask the locals, I am sure some of them would say they want the tourists back, they need to earn an income to survive, to get over the disaster. But give them the choice of getting paid for not working (paid holiday?), and going home to help rebuild their homes, of going to relatives to help them, of rebuilding their towns, there villages etc. I am sure you wouldn’t have to ask twice.
I originally started this post to moan and winge about my back and hip, but now I’ve started that first paragraph, it seems to bring my own troubles into reality. I am waiting for two procedures to help reduce the pain in my back and hips, and I’m probably at my lowest point in years. With all that is going on in the world, I feel like there is a cloud of depression hanging around. We have a 22yr old girl murdered on New Years Eve, the suspected killers of Damilola Taylor in court, we have high winds and flooding over here,a 31yr old pregnant mum of two stabbed to death, a paedophile gets 18 years, train disasters in Italy, oh and don’t forget Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston breaking up, more than worthy of 30mins of headline news (Not !!)
Where has all the good news gone??