I’ve finally got round to registering some new domain names for a few ‘in-house’ projects that I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

http://secureyourhomenetwork.com ( and http://www.secureyourhomenetwork.info)

Another domain that I am working on for a good friend from my time in the Navy is:

It will be a few months with my current workload before much happens on those sites, but I am going to prioritize them as follows:

  1. http://www.cddvdmemories.com
  2. http://www.thebigswitchover.com
  3. http://www.beatthehacker.com / http://secureyourhomenetwork.com

I really need to make one last push and get www.hostutrust.com live and kicking. Then you’ll all be able to purchase your domain names from me…