“I am a non smoking teenager trying to get to grips with my smoking fetish. A woman dragging deep on her cigarette is so incredibly sexy and this blog is for me to try to work out why. ”
I’m giving a lot of thought to giving up smoking. There are a number of reasons, the main one being 16 years of being nagged to give up. Secondly, someone I know who has smoked for what seems like eons has quite and I am now hearing the “if they can do it” jibes..
And lastly, because it is bad for me. Ok I have tried before, and obviously failed, else I wouldn’t be writing about it here. But I have a big operation coming up soon, so its sort of kick started me in to another try. It could be another 10 hours under anesthetic and the smoking sure don’t help out there.
I have been reading Allen Carrs guide to giving up smoking, which is a good read if only to see the guys sense of humour coming through.
Last night I came across the site mentioned above when searching for sites on quitting smoking. I haven’t laughed so hard and followed it with an “Euuughhhhh” in ages. I am still amazed at the stuff you can find everyday. And to think he has made a blog out of it, and he believes in what he is doing. Each to their own.
But its worked. I can’t have a damn smoke now without thinking about it. No change that he would take my picture, but alledgedly there are more of them out there…
What a weird start to the day….