We had a quiet May Day bank holiday as I still need to take things easy after my back operation. I had an appointment with the sister at the hospital last week and I came out feeling rather good about how I was feeling, but more importantly, why I was feeling the way I am.

After having a bad back for about 3-4 years, and the level of pain and discomfort I have had to put up with, getting used to not having it is just as difficult. I still have a level of discomfort from the operation, but that gets better day by day.

I spent an hour or so sorting out the kids’ bikes yesterday and while I was at it, pumped the tires up on my bike. I had a quick spin up the road and to my surprise found no problems at all with my back. So I hooked up my daughters’ bike (via the trailer gator) and we trundled off to the local park (which is all of 3 minutes down the road!!). Once at the park I unhooked her bike and gave her a few lessons in riding it. I got more pain from the bending over trying to hold her bike than from the riding, but I didn’t have to do that too long. Within about 10-15mins she was starting to ride on her own, and after 45mins she was peddling round the tennis courts on her own. We only had one minor fall, but no injuries so all was well.

We then cycled down the village store for a few ice creams and cycled the 1-2 miles (max) back to the house. I felt so good it was quite difficult not to go and jump back on my bike and go for a proper ride, but I managed to control the urge. Maybe in 4 weeks or so I will be able to manage it. I’m still not due to start physio for another 2 weeks, so its probably just as well I refrained. I have not felt this good in ages, and even though every now and then I get a few twinges in my back, I know what they are, and probably due to the healing process, rather than my back itself. Waking up at 3.30am this morning, I felt as if I had slept for months such is the improvement in my quality of sleep.