I’ve been following a thread on the ACCU list lately about the pro’s and cons of Software Patents. I have to admit that there are more cons stated that pros.

Someone (Phil Nash) on the list made this gem of a quote:

I think this site as a great weapon in the fight against unfair patents:

And despite the mockery, I still reckon if you click the reload often enough you will come across various ideas that you could patent and make a few bob from. That is the crassness of the whole patent process.

Do we really want software engineering to go this way?

Update: 06 July 2005

Not this time they won’t!

Dispute resolution
Hi-tech firms supporting the directive said it was vital to protect the fruits of their research and development.
Opponents said, if passed, the bill would lead to the patenting of software which would jeopardise the prospects of small firms and open source developers.

It appears to have been defeated overwhelmingly as well. Good to see some common sense being applied. It will all start again pretty soon I am sure. I can’t see companies like Microsoft skulking away quietly.

European politicians have thrown out a controversial bill that could have led to software being patented.
The European Parliament voted 648 to 14 to reject the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive.

See the BBC Article here