For some reason, Freeserve/Wanadoo (or Freecrap and Lottapoo) are having major snags with their email servers at the moment.

Anyone sending an email from either of those two will think that the email has been sent, but it might not reach the recipient.
Some emails are being bounced back, but not all. And we are not talking just sending to my domains, they are screwing up nearly everybodies email !!!

What appears to be happening is that nearly ALL of their servers have been identified as sources of SPAM and appear on the DSBL network.
(The DSBL network is basically a service that lists all email servers responsible for sending SPAM.
Most email servers will check the DSBL list when it receives a mail, and if the sending server appears in the list, the chances are it is SPAM.

Most likely it is a combination of bad email configuration at their end, and quite a few of their users probably have machines which have been taken over by spyware/trojans and have been sending out SPAM by the bucket load.
But looking at the DSBL reports it is very widespread.

Since 99% of Freeserve/Wanadoo servers have been listed, most decent email servers such as the ones I use, are rejecting all email from those accounts.

So if you are trying to send me an email, and it appears that I am not replying, or you are getting a bounce message try sending to one of my alternative addresses (Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo).
Obviously I won’t post the addresses here cos it will get harvested and I’ll be spammed to death !!!… But if you email me to chris.a.wright at my yaps domain usually, change the yaps part for and I’ll get it.

The best thing to do is to switch over to Pipex ( and bin the money grabbing so and so’s.