I am almost feeling like I am getting back to normal. I thought I was coming down with Flu last Thursday as I ached from head to foot.
I am now thinking it was down to me coming off some strong painkillers that I had been taking for almost a year. I have been on either US or UK strong dosage for about 3 years, so I guess my body was a bit more dependent on them than I first thought. I am now on a much weaker version that will allow me to finally quit taking any painkillers in about 4 weeks or so. That is the difference that this last operation has made to my back. I can’t tell you how much I owe my surgeon, and if anyone in the UK wants his name, email me privately.

The trouble is, the better I am feeling, the more I am doing and the less time I have to come back to this and post. I have my fingers in about 15 pies at the moment, which is more pies than fingers. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing all day, with at least 10 calls a day this week from different agencies asking me about various positions they have. I tend to deal with a select few agencies and all of these have come up with some excellent leads. One of them especially is not your typical agent. I would liken him to the equivalent of a US Realtor. Now those of you that know the difference between a UK Estate agent and a US Realtor will know the difference. He works his socks off for each of his clients. He doesn’t get paid a regular monthly wage so all of his income is from commission. Not that commission is his driving factor. From the various conversations I have had with him over the past 6 months now, he is one of the most genuine people I have ever spoken to and you know that he is working for you, which is not the feeling you get with some of the companies that are out there, (note I say some, and not most). He runs his own company with his wife from home and if you ever need the service of a recruitment agent, again, drop me an email and I will his details on.

On top of my job hunting, I am also busy working on 4 new websites for various people and 2 of my own. Three of them are quite complex and will involve a lot of php,perl and sql work to be done. Things are still in the design stage and all appears to be going well despite the lack of a webpage yet.

I am also up to nearly 20 accounts on my hostutrust site, and I haven’t even launched it yet. It is almost complete, but I am just adding the code for the web ordering side to allow me to accept VISA payments and not just paypal. I am also adding some code to allow you to search for available domain names, which thanks to some source code from sourceforge, is a lot easier than I first thought. (For the technically minded people out there, it relies upon a couple of CGI modules that exist on most if not all decent web server installations).

I’ve also done a bit work on the powernoparole site for Carolyn Gardner. Don’t forget to pay her site a visit. It’s one heck of a story behind her site, and a massive crusade on her part to help change some ridiculus outdated laws. Luckily, the UK is not as bad as Canada but there are still some points we need to look ourselves.