Medical Alert:
Breakthrough Discovered that Kills ALL known deadly Viruses & Bacteria in the body…
including Influenza, Colds, SARS, Cancer, HIV etc. etc…plus strengthens your immune system

That was an except from a SPAM email that I received this afternoon. Amazing how none of the press has heard of this miracle breakthrough that kills all, in fact ALL known diseases, etc etc etc…

But what amazes me is that dispite the outlandish claims made in the email, there will be 1000’s and 1000’s of numpties (for what of a better word) who will rush off to the website and part with their money.

While the numpties in the world exist there will always be SPAM, since even after sending this email to millions of people, the ratio of numpties to non-numpties is such that it always pays for itself.

Despite the fact that within seconds of receiving this, it was forwarded to SPAMCOP and immediately the email server was added to a blacklist, the fact that the account with which the email was sent from has been flagged and will probably result in suspension for the client, despite all of that, it still pays for that person to open up a new account and start another campaign.

I think I am going to register a new site and start a campaign for a numpty filter to be added to the gene pool.

Some of these are so outrageous, its unbelievable, well unbelievable if you are not a numpty that is…
[end Friday afternoon rant]