It is exam week for my two boys this week. For the eldest Cian, it is his SATS in his last year at Primary school. He already has his place at the new school and doesn’t need the results from these.

Even though he has been on half days for the past two weeks recoving from query glandular fever, he has been revising at school in the mornings, and then revising for an hour or so at home. I think he will do ok despite his nerves about the exams.

The youngest one Tiarnan hasn’t got a care in the world about his exams. His school has a trip planned for Thursday as an end of exam week trip. His mind is firmly on the trip which has taken his mind off worrying about the exams. He’ll be ok too I hope. The daft thing is, the school trip is to a place called Bramley Thrift which is a nature reserve in a wood located in Bramley, which is about a 10mins walk across the fields out the back of my house.