He’s been a part of British cinema for almost seventy years, and if there’s one word to describe him it’s “dependable”. He’s never been the flashiest of actors, yet he is able to play across class barriers far more than his contemporaries.

John Mills was in most of my favourite films. His first feature film dates back to 1932 and the list of films is impressive. The Thirty Nine Steps, Zulu Dawn, Ryans Daughter to name just three of my favourites.

I was saddened to hear a short while ago that he passed away at the age of 97. May he rest in peace and my condolances to his family.

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Filmography (features only)
1932 The Midshipmaid
1932 Words and Music
1933 The Ghost Camera
1933 Britannia of Billingsgate
1934 River Wolves
1934 A Political Party
1934 Those Were the Days
1934 The Lash
1934 Blind Justice
1934 Doctor’s Orders
1935 Royal Cavalcade
1935 Forever England
1935 Charing Cross Road
1935 Car of Dreams
1936 First Offence
1936 OHMS
1937 The Green Cockatoo
1939 Goodbye Mr Chips
1940 All Hands
1940 Old Bill and Son
1941 Cottage to Let
1941 The Black Sheep of Whitehall
1942 The Big Blockade
1942 The Young Mr Pitt
1942 In Which We Serve
1943 We Dive at Dawn
1944 This Happy Breed
1944 Victory Wedding
1945 Waterloo Road
1945 The Way to the Stars
1945 The Sky’s the Limit
1946 Great Expectations
1947 So Well Remembered
1947 The October Man
1948 Scott of the Antarctic
1949 The History of Mr Polly
1950 The Rocking Horse Winner
1950 Morning Departure
1951 Mr Denning Drives North
1952 The Gentle Gunman
1953 The Long Memory
1954 Hobson’s Choice
1955 The Colditz Story
1955 The End of the Affair
1955 Above Us the Waves
1955 Escapade
1956 War and Peace
1956 It’s Great to be Young
1956 The Baby and the Battleship
1956 Around the World in 80 Days
1957 Town on Trial
1957 Vicious Circle
1958 Dunkirk
1958 I Was Monty’s Double
1958 Ice Cold in Alex
1959 Tiger Bay
1960 Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
1960 Tunes of Glory
1960 The Singer Not the Song
1961 The Swiss Family Robinson (U.S.)
1961 Flame in the Streets
1962 The Valiant
1962 Tiara Tahiti
1963 The Chalk Garden
1964 The Truth About Spring
1965 Operation Crossbow
1966 King Rat (U.S.)
1966 The Wrong Box
1966 The Family Way
1967 Africa Texas Style (U.S.)
1967 Chuka (U.S.)
1969 Oh What a Lovely War
1969 Run Wild Run Free
1969 Emma Hamilton (Ger.)
1969 A Black Veil for Lisa
1971 Ryan’s Daughter
1971 Dulcimer
1972 Young Winston
1972 Lady Caroline Lamb
1973 Oklahoma Crude
1976 The Human Factor
1976 Trial by Combat
1977 The Devil’s Advocate
1978 The Big Sleep
1978 The 39 Steps
1979 Zulu Dawn
1982 Ghandi
1984 Sahara
1987 Who’s That Girl
1994 Deadly Advice
1995 The Grotesque
1996 Hamlet
1996 Bean
2003 Bright Young Things