I couldn’t sleep last night so I got up again around 1am to do some reading.
Unfortunately, I ended up reading until about 4am in the morning. I did wake up at around 9am this morning, but I ached from head to foot. I ended up getting up around 11am, but ended up back in bed until 2.30pm.
I’m still getting tired easily after the operation but I’m beginning to feel like things are on the up.
I’ve been setting up business bank account, accountants, pension funds, tax accounts for the new business.
On top of that, one car is due for its road tax, and I really have to start working again on the Grand Voyager.

I am so tempted to put the Grand Voyager up on Ebay and put a minimum bid of £1000 on it to get rid of it.
It has been nothing but a pain since we bought it back from the US and I wished I had just left it behind. I didn’t have time to really look into what was involved in bringing it back. Getting it back to the UK was no problem what so ever, however getting it legal for use on the UK roads has been a nightmare. I’ve done most of the work myself so far, but I am not confident that the headlights will pass. (Due to alignment. I have made the changes but would you believe that its not the alignment, but the shape of the beam that is causing it to fail. You would think all I have to do it get a new set of headlamps, but they don’t make the equivalent. It makes me wonder what would happen if I had a front smash and the insurance had to pay for it. I’m tempted to drive the thing into a wall and let them deal with it).